PORTALFIREFOX is a startup that is disrupting the way you get your technology news

We are changing how you keep current in the technology game!

Get reliable cutting edge technews in an interactive email format straight to your inbox

Interactive Technology Focused Emails

PORTALFIREFOX has broken the old way you get and read emails. Our new protocol driven interactive emails allow for a rich experience right in your inbox. We deliver emails to you and what better content to bring you then cutting edge TechNews. We have connections into all the top companies and get exclusive access before anyone else then deliver it to you in an interactive email. View everything from right in your inbox.

Interactive Emails (NEW)

PORTALFIREFOX has created the first TRUE Interactive email format that brings the full escence of an APP and browser right into your INBOX. All developed and embedded in the email message to keep it contained and allow for a much more rich expierence

  • No Additional APP required
  • Browse the content right from your email in YOUR Inbox
  • Proprietary protocol within the email message interacting with HTML funcationality
  • Compresses video, images, sound formats to keep email size small
  • We will release the code to the public soon so others can make the same emails

Cutting Edge TechNews

We are backed by some of the top investors in the Technology industry from around the world, not just the United States. With that money we are willing to pay to get exclusive access to new information, exclusive interviews and release new products to our followers first. Why should all the big media companies control what gets released? We want to disrupt the industry by getting the biggest TechNews to you first. Why TechNews?
Its because that is what we love and are passionate about it just like you.