Move around, be reminded


Set nearminders on your home, office, shop,
or any location to get a reminder of what you
have to do when you get there and save
your time in being alerted of it.

Get remiders when you arrive or leave places
NearMinder is with you at all time

Live your life, smarter


Get suggestions about nearby locations
and contacts to best fulfil your tasks
and organize your day in only one app

NearMinder is designed to set reminders with simplicity & easy-of-use

Add intelligence to your life, in 4 simple steps

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Login with email
or Facebook

Download the app
and create an account

NearMinder - Login easily
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Add a contact
or a location

Select a contact
from your phonebook

NearMinder - Select contact from phonebook
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In just
two taps

NearMinder - Add your reminder
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When you meet your
contacts or reach locations

NearMinder - Manage your reminder list

The only app to receive reminders
when you really need them…

Wherever you go, NearMinder is with you, sending you reminders
of your to-dos when you meet people and reach locations, and helping you save a lot of time.
Stop forgetting your errands, start now optimize your time and fulfill all your tasks

NearMinder - Smart and simple reminder app


NearMinder is with you at all time,
letting you know what’s to be done where you are,
with people you’re with.
Receiving automatic reminders will help you optimize
your professional and personal day.

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